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Welcome to Old Pike Membership Registration!

You will need a password to register.  If you have not already, please contact membership@oldpikecountryclub.com for membership availability.

This registration session will allow you to complete your primary contact information and set up secure payments.   

This information will be used for member communication from Old Pike Country Club and will be used to determine member access and member discounts for Old Pike amenities, athletics, rentals and social events.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

Levels of Membership


Full Members pay $880 annually in 2022 and $900 annually in 2023.
This membership includes all immediate family members. Children who are still in college are part of this membership. Adult children must have their own membership. Full members receive all benefits, access, and discounts.   First year discounted members are not eligible for discounts on clubhouse rentals.



Vested Members pay $450 annually in 2022 and $460 annually in 2023.
After a full member has maintained their membership for a minimum of 10 years and all of their children are out of high school, the member can opt to move into a Vested Membership. These members receive all benefits, access, and discounts.  If registering as a vested member, please email membership@oldpikecountryclub.com for your discount code.

Terri Dwyer

Membership Inquiries